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What is Community Solar and what does it mean for the community?

Community solar, often referred to as shared solar or solar gardens, is a collaborative solar energy project where multiple participants within a community collectively share the benefits of a single solar array.

This model allows residents, businesses and organizations that are unable to install solar panels on their properties to access the benefits of solar energy. By subscribing to a shared solar project, community members can enjoy cost savings on their energy bills, contribute to a cleaner environment and support the development of local renewable energy sources.

Community solar initiatives not only foster a sense of environmental responsibility but also promote a stronger sense of community engagement and participation in sustainable energy practices, ultimately leading to a more resilient and eco-friendly community.

Benefits of Community Solar

  • Save Money: Enjoy discounted rates on your electricity bill.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Reduce your carbon footprint and help combat climate change.
  • No Installation Required: No need for rooftop panels - the power is generated off-site.
  • Support Local Initiatives: Contribute to the growth of clean energy projects in your community.
  • Promotion of Local Economy: Encourages local job creation, leading to economic growth and development.
  • Scalability and Accessibility: Allows for scalable and inclusive participation, thereby promoting widespread access to clean energy initiatives.

Who is Standard Solar? 

Standard Solar, a Brookfield Renewable company, is powering the nation’s energy transformation – channeling its project development capabilities, financial strength and technical expertise to deliver the benefits of solar and solar + storage to businesses and institutions, farms, governments, communities, and utilities.

Building on nearly 20 years of sustainable growth and in-house and tax equity investment capital, Standard Solar is a national leader operating locally in the development, funding and long-term ownership and operations of commercial and community solar facilities. 

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